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Hi, we are Anya and Marina, our families made decision to raise bilingual children. We are looking for supporters and friends for our kids, that is why created this group. Join us on Facebook.

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June 13, 2018



1. Cheeky monkey - mischievous person


Usually said as a mild, playful rebuke.


"You ate all the cookies, you cheeky monkey!"


2. Slowpoke – someone who moves or does things in a particularly slow or sluggish manner


"Hurry up, slowpoke!"


3. Chatterbox - an extremely talkative person


4. Copycat - a person, esp a child, who imitates or copies another


5. Scrooge - a mean or miserly person ( after a character in Dickens' story "A Christmas Carol"(1843))


6. Grumpy  - having or showing a bad temper


Also  you can say  -  Mr.Grumpy or Miss Grumpy


7. Silly  - a word used for misbehaving children


 "Don't be a silly"


8. Lazybones - a lazy person


9. Crybaby - a person, esp a child, given to frequent crying or complaint


10. Daydreamer - someone who indulges in idle or absentminded daydreaming


11. Sleepy head - a sleepy person


A playful name for one who is tired


 "Get up, sleepy head, or else we'll be late!"


12. Meanie  (meany)  - mean or grouchy person 


"Come on! Don’t be such a meany"


13. Wet blanket – a person who discourages enjoyment or enthusiasm 


 "Don't be such a wet blanket-it will be fun!"


This expression alludes to smothering a fire with a wet blanket. [Early 1800s]


Source: https://www.thefreedictionary.com/




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