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Hi, we are Anya and Marina, our families made decision to raise bilingual children. We are looking for supporters and friends for our kids, that is why created this group. Join us on Facebook.

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Here you can find bilingual families and new friends for your bilingual or multilingual kid! 

Search for your location on map and find out if there are other bilingual families next to your home. 
Send information about your family to bilingualmap@gmail.com, and we`ll put a mark on the map for other families could find and contact with you.

For indicate yourself on this map send us the following information:

1. What languages do you speak with your kid?
2. You address (Country, City, Street)
3. What age was your child when you began to talk to him/her in other language?
4. What year was/were your kid(s) born? (this information can help you to find same age friend for you kid)
5. Link on your Facebook page (or other way people can contact you)
6. Photo (not necessary)

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